lunes, 11 de abril de 2011

Slumdog Millionarie: the hard scenes


Close shot of a YOUNG MAN's face. He looks confused and scared. There is a lot of smoke and the light is very yellow.

Close shot of a FAT, older MAN's face. He looks bored. The smoke comes from his cigarette. He slaps the young man.

Fade to black.

Words appear on the screen:

Jamal Malik is one question away from winning 20 million rupees. How did he do it?

A) He cheated.
b) He's lucky.
c) He's a geniius.
d) It is written.

We see the beginning of the TV game show "Who wants to be a millionaire?"

Close shot of JAMAL's face, as he is slapped. He is with the fat man.

FAT MAN: Name.
JAMAL: Jamal Malik.
FAT MAN: So, you have a name. Good. Stop Crying.

Back on the TV show. JAMAL and the HOST sit down, facing each other. The HOST is a middle-aged, smiling man.

GAME SHOW HOST: So... tell me something about yourself.

JAMAL's face underwater. He's being tortured. He is pulled out of the water.

JAMAL: I work in a call center in Juhu.

The FAT MAN pushes JAMAL's head back into a small bucket of water.

The show.

HOST: A phone basher! And what type of a call center would that be?
JAMAL: XL 5 mobile phones.
HOST: So, you're the one who calls me up every single day with special offers, uh?
AUDIENCE laughs.
JAMAL: No, actually, I'm an assistant.
HOST: An assistant phone basher?
AUDIENCE laughs.
HOST: And what does an assistant phone basher do?
JAMAL: A bring tea for people, and...
HOST: Chai wallah. A chai wallah! (excited).
AUDIENCE laughs.
HOST: Well, Jamal Malik from Mumbai, let's play Who wants to be a millionaire?!

Shot of a young Indian woman in a yellow top. She is smiling directly to the camera. There is a train moving just behind her.

Close shot of a man's feet. Black shoes and formal grey trousers. He comes into the room with yellow light.

JAMAL is on the right side of the room. He is tied up from his wrists, hanging from the cealing by a rope, his feet about 20 cm from the floor. The FAT MAN is sitting on a chair, left, about 2 meters away.

We see the face of the THIN MAN.

THIN MAN: So, has he confessed yet?
FAT MAN: Except his name, I could not get anything out of the runt.
THIN MAN: You have been here the whole bloody night, Srinivas. what have you been doing?
SRINIVAS: He's a tough guy.
THIN MAN: A little electricity will loosen him up.
SRINIVAS: Yes, sir.

SRINIVAS gets up to get a car battery from a corner. It has two cords, a red and a black one, with clips at the end. he puts the battery next to JAMAL. The two policemen look for a chip under JAMAL's shirt. There's nothing.

BOSS: It's hot, and my wife is giving me hell, and I've got a desk full of murderers, rapists, exhortionists, bum bandits and you. So why don't you save us both a lot of time and tell me how you cheated?

JAMAL says nothing. The BOSS nods to SRINIVAS. He puts the battery's clips on Jamal's toes. The BOSS keeps interrogating JAMAL in a quiet voice. SRINIVAS gives him an electric discharge. JAMAL moans.

SRINIVAS: I'm done, sir.
BOSS, to JAMAL: Now, listen. Hello!

He slaps JAMAL, not hard. JAMAL is unconscious.

BOSS: He's unconscious, Juti. What good is that? How many times have I told you, Srinivas?
SRINIVAS: I'm sorry, sir. Now next time we'll have Amnesty International here, peeing in their pants about human rights.
SRINIVAS: Sir, I was thinking....
BOSS: Get him down, tidy him up, for God's sake!!!!
SRINIVAS: What if he did know the answers?




A little boy is singing. SALIM and three adults are there: MAMAN, PUNOOSE, and an OLD MAN.

PUNOOSE: Good. I'm ready.
OLD MAN: I'm ready too.

The men drug the little boy, who falls asleep immediately. SALIM looks alarmed, but he doesn't move.

The men make the anesthesised boy lie down on a table and blind him by pouring acid into his eyes.

MAMAN, to SALIM: go get Jamal.


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