lunes, 12 de julio de 2010

The Kiva microloan is done!

Sorry it took me so long!

The students in 4º A gave me a total of 27 euros (I think). That's 33 $ USA. I couldn't just double it as I wanted because the website only admitted round numbers. So, I lent $50 and $7 for the website. That was 46 euros, 27 from you and 19 from me.

The money went to a project in Peru. As you wanted, it's a woman's project in South America. I also looked for a mother who is similar to other women in the projects you chose.

This is my page as a Kiva lender.

I will probably use this website in the future with other students. In Kiva, there are "comunities" of lenders with similar interests and I will join or make a community of educators.

When we have news of Piedad Justa, I will tell you.